The templates used within Job Alerts can be found on the emails tab within Admin > Job Alerts. This is designed to make it as easy as possible to set up your alert templates as part of the rest of the configuration. 


From here, click into an existing template to Edit or click New to create either a summary or detailed template:

  • Details Templates - These are used when individual roles match with the candidate and allows you to include more vacancy specific information, such as job descriptions and direct apply URLs.

  • Summary Templates - These are used when the roles matched to a candidate reaches your designated threshold. Rather than sending multiple detailed emails, the summary template is triggered instead.

Template Content

Once within the template editor, you can configure the basic details of the template, including the internal title, the method of contact (email, SMS or both) and whether the template is active or not.


Once this has been set, you can move into the email content where you can set the subject of the recipient emails, insert merge fields or attach files.


Within the HTML editor, you can configure the content of your email as required, before then choosing to include merge fields as required to draw information through from the vacancy. 

Hint - As these are job alert emails, make sure you include either:

  • The Vacancy Website URL, which will link directly to the vacancy, allowing the candidate to read more information about the role.
  • The Vacancy Apply URL, which will by-pass the advert and start the log in / application process for the candidate.
  • The Results Link, which will show all of the roles which match the candidate preferences (this should be used in Summary templates only).


Once you have configured your content and inserted your merge fields, you can finish off your template by choosing to include any read receipts or email tracking, as we all configuring an associated SMS template. 

Hint - If using SMS, please ensure that you have the appropriate allowance or bundle available and keep an eye on the volume of messages sent!

Click Save to confirm your changes and your template will be available to select within your job alert settings.

To learn more about creating Email and SMS templates within Eploy, please see this section of our Knowledge Base.

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