Email templates that are used during the reference collection process can all be found within the Emails tab of the module. This allows you to manage these specific templates at the same time as configuring the Reference Collection Settings.


Switch into the Emails tab to see any existing templates, where you can click into each to edit or select New to create a new template. 

When creating templates, you first need to determine the recipient; either User, Candidate Referee or Candidate.

Use the template editor to set the subject and content of the emails, as well as configure any support SMS messages if you want to include those with your reference requests.


Hint - for more information on using the template editor and creating Email and SMS templates, please see this section of our Knowledge Base.

Hints & Tips

Whilst the process for creating a template may be the same as other templates on Eploy, there are a couple of extra things to consider when managing your reference collection emails:

  • The reference collection form needs to be added to the template as a merge field. This allows you to design the content of the email fully, before embedding the appropriate hyperlink to the form. The specific merge field is Reference Collection URL. With this in mind, consider what information needs to be in the email and what information is already displayed within the form.

  • Adding Merge Fields is available for both the email content and the subject, so you can personalise the template as required. It can be effective to include the candidate name in the subject, so that the recipient recognises the email and doesn't disregard as spam (especially if the candidate hasn't forewarned them about the reference request!)

  • No cc/bcc options available on reference request emails, as this would impact on being able to track who has received / completed the reference. If you are looking to be notified / receive confirmations throughout the reference process, you can do this within the Reference Collection Settings.
  • If you have given the referee the ability to upload their own reference on a letter head within the reference form, it can be helpful to mention this in the email.  You might also want to let them know that if they do not wish to provide a reference, for whatever reason, they can indicate as such within the form and explain their reasons why.





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