Building Queries can be complex, especially if it is something you will be doing a lot of. So why not save the query so you can access it instantly next time? You can also share saved queries, which makes working collaboratively even easier.

Saving Queries

When within the Query Builder and you have the search you need to save, switch to the My Queries tab. From here, you can give your search a name, allocate it to other users and then click Save Query. 

Hint - You can then Load the saved query at any time, from within the Saved Queries section. 


Hint - Your saved Queries will also be available from the Eploymenu, by selecting Admin > My Queries. 

Adding Queries to your Dashboard

You can make loading saved queries even easier, by adding them into your dashboard. This will give you instant access and allow you to load the Query builder, without having to navigate first. 

To do this, click Add Widget on your dashboard, then select My Queries. Give the widget a name, select the record type and then load in as many different saved queries as required.


For more information on how to add queries to your dashboard, please see here.

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