Each Discover Form you create within Eploy, regardless of type, can include automatic or manual scoring and grading, allowing you to score or grade responses either automatically or manually.

These grades can then be used to rank respondents accordingly and can even be used to set a Candidate or Application Status depending on the outcome - this can be really beneficial if you have specific knock-out questions or in the case of volume recruitment.

In this article we'll look at how to configure scoring and grading on your forms.

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Manual Grading vs Calculated Grading

Any Form within Eploy can be manually graded - there is no need to switch it on, you simply need to tell Eploy what grade type you want to use.

Manual grading is typically used where your form contains questions which cannot be automatically scored by Eploy, for example, text based answers such as Please explain why you want to work here.

Where your form contains questions which have specific answers, such as in the case of aptitude tests (e.g. maths questions) or where you have supplied a range of answers to choose from, Calculated scoring can be used, which will allow Eploy to automatically score the form and provide an overall grade.

To use Manual Grading, within the Score & Grade Form within the Details tab of your form, select No Scoring (which is the default option) and choose Manual Grading from the How to Grade Form drop down list.

Next, select the Grade Type you'd like to use (explained later in this article) and indicate which of the grade type options you'd like to use.


With these settings in place, you'll be able to manually grade each form as they come through.

Enabling Automated Scoring and Grading

If you'd like Eploy to automatically score and grade your form, you first need to enable Calculated Grading.  This is done by selecting Calculated from the Enable Scoring section within the Details tab of your form.

Having done this, from the How to Grade Form drop down list, select either Grade by Questionnaire Score or Set to Lowest Question Grade.

Grade by Questionnaire Score allows you to grade the form as a whole - eploy will add up the score achieved for each question that has been scored (yes, you don't need to give each question a score for this to work) and then automatically assign the appropriate grade.

Set to Lowest Question Grade looks at each scored question individually.  Once the form has been completed, Eploy will assign the lowest grade achieved as their overall score. 

To help you pick the right option, let's look at a couple of application form examples.

  • Let's say your form has 5 questions.  3 of the questions are basic data gathering questions (What is your name, how did you hear about us and do you currently work for us) - these are not scored.  The other 2 questions are basic aptitude test questions (for example a maths question and another which asks the candidate to indicate how they would react in a given situation).  For the maths question, the correct answer would give you 10 points and the incorrect answer would give you 0 points; whereas the "how would you react" question has several options, each with an appropriate score, 10 being the maximum.  Grade by Questionnaire Score would simply add up all the points scored and use that to grade the overall form, 20 being the maximum score achievable.
  • In another scenario, we have the exact same form, but this time getting the maths question wrong or picking a specific "how would you react" outcome (also scoring 0) would mean that the candidate is not suitable.  In this scenario, we would use Set to Lowest Question Grade.  If the candidate gets either question wrong, regardless of how well they performed in any other questions within the form, the overall score given by Eploy would be 0

In both of these examples, we can then use Grading to provide a visual indication to your recruiters and hiring managers as to the outcome of the form.  

We can even take this one step further and use conditions within your Form Flow to set an Application Status e.g. using the Traffic Lights grading system, Green and Amber would progress the application to the review stage, whereas Red would automatically reject the Application.

Grade Types

As a default, there are 4 grade types available

  • Alphabetical gives you 6 grading options - A to F
  • Stars allows you to grade the form from 1 to 5 stars
  • Pass/Fail gives you a simple Thumbs Up or Down
  • Traffic Lights gives you a Red, Amber and Green option

When using these grade types, you can choose to use all options available, or just a selection.  For example, with Alphabetical you could choose to simply grade A to C; whereas, for Traffic Lights, you might only want to use Green and Amber.

Whichever option you choose, you'll now need to specify in which circumstances each grade should be used.  This uses the format of Greater Than or Equal, if grade A is awarded if the candidate scores above 80, type 80 in to the Score field next to grade A.

Tip Would you like to use something different to the default grades available?  if you go to Admin > Drop Down Lists you can add a new Grade Type.  Having done this, within the drop down list selector at the top of the screen you'll see a new Grade Type option, matching the new one you created.  From here you can add in new grades, which can be used within your forms.


Using Grading to update the Candidate Status

In addition to using grading to set an Application Status, the grading feature in Discover Forms can be used to set a Candidate Status.  Candidate Statuses can be managed via Admin > Drop Down Lists > Employment Status (no, this isn't a typo - although within the rest of the system it's referred to as the Candidate Status, here it's known as the Employment Status).  

Using the Candidate Status you can, for example, indicate whether the Candidate is actively looking for work or whether they should be excluded from Talent Pooling exercises.

Having indicated which grading options you want to use, select an appropriate Candidate Status for each grade option.

Adding scores and grades to questions

Having enabled Calculated Scoring within your Discover Form, you'll now need to assign scores to the relevant questions within the Form.

To do this, add your questions as normal.

Each question which can be answered from a selection of options, for example drop down lists or check boxes, can be assigned a Score.  Simply type the score in against each answer option.

You can also add a grade to a specific answer by ticking Enable Grading.  This option is useful if you only have one question from your entire form that can result in the Candidate being knocked out.

To learn more about adding questions to your form, please see this article.


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