Whether you're creating a new Discover Form or editing an existing one, the Details tab is available for you to change how the form is configured, where it is available and how the questions are scored.



As well as setting the title and description, you can can configure exactly how your hiring manager community interacts with the form:

  • Title - This will be visible when creating flows and once completed by the candidate, will be visible in the application dialogue. As the candidate may complete multiple different forms through their journey, the titles should be clear & concise to all for quick recognition.
  • Description - An internal only field, the description allows you to outline how and when the form will be used. This is particularly useful if multiple different users will be configuring forms and flows.
  • Active - This controls whether the form can be selected. Once used in a flow, you will not be able to deactivate it until it is removed from the flow.

Show to Hiring Managers

As candidates apply and go through the recruitment journey, you can control how much interaction the hiring manager has with the form and the responses provided:

  • Show to Hiring Managers - This tick box will make the form visible to the hiring manager, when they view the application. If ticked, the following settings are then available to configure.

    • Show Grades to Hiring Managers - If the form is graded, either automatically or as part of the application journey, this setting will allow HMs to view those grades.

    • Allow Hiring Manager to grade questionnaire - This setting allows the Hiring Manager to manually grade the questionnaire.

    • Show Scores to Hiring Managers - In addition to sharing the overall form grade with your HMs, you can tick this box to share the actual scores accumulated on the form. 

    • Show Statistics to Hiring Managers - This will give the Hiring Manager access to the statistics tab, which is where they can compare the candidate responses with the collective scoring for this form.

    • Allow Hiring Managers to edit questionnaire - This option gives the Hiring Manager the ability to fill in the form themselves, or edit the responses entered by the Candidate.  In addition to being forms that Candidates can fill in, Application Forms can also be used by Hiring Managers to provide feedback, such as following an Interview.  In this example, for the HM to be able to provide feedback, this option must be selected.


As well as the hiring manager visibility settings, you can also set specific Editors on each form. If set, only the selected users will be able to make changes to the form or add questions.  Keep this in mind if multiple people will be responsible for the management of your forms.

The final setting within this section is to Force Candidates to Log In when completing the form. If the form is being used within a Flow, or you have included Standard Fields within the Form, Candidates will always have to be logged in to complete the form.  This setting allows you to specify, for those forms which you are emailing to Candidates and which don't include Standard Fields, whether the Candidate needs to be logged in or not to complete the form.  For example, if the form you are sending out doesn't contain any standard fields, but you'd like to be certain it's the candidate themselves filling the form in, tick this box to force them to log in before they can complete the form.

Scoring and Grading

The final section of the Details tab allows you to specify whether and how the form is scored, and the Grade types allocated.

Hint - Once the form is configured and in use, you can't change how the form is scored or the grade types, but you can configure which grades are in use.

  • Enable Scoring - By selecting calculated, you can add values/scores to each response within the questions tab, which can then be used to determine a grade.


  • How to Grade Form - Based on the enabled scoring above, you can grade the form using the following methods:
    • Grade by Questionnaire Score - When allocating a score to each question and answer, this setting adds all scores received together and gives you the facility to assign a threshold score for each grade e.g. 50%+ for a pass
    • Set to Lowest Question Grade - Rather than giving a total score for the entire form, this setting assigns the grade based on the lowest score achieved.  This option is commonly used to facilitate knockout's based on a single question.  For example, if you have a knockout question within your application form, you would assign the knockout answer a score of zero.  Any Candidate who selects this answer would then achieve an overall score of zero for the entire form, irrespective of how they answered any other questions within the form.
    • Manually - this allows the user to review the responses and then specify a grade. This is ideal for free text based answers as they are more subjective.
  • Grade Type - From here, you can chose the grades for the form and determine which ones to use by ticking / unticking. The options available include stars, alphabetical, pass / fail and RAG.

Hint - Did you know that you can create your own custom Grade Types? Do this within Admin > Drop Down Lists and select the list for Grade Types. 

To learn more about the scoring and grading functionality within Discover Forms, please see this article.

Once fully configured, click Save to confirm your changes. If creating a new form, this will then give you access to the Questions, Responses, Stats and Preview.

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