To view and edit your Discover Form Templates, navigate to Admin > Discover Forms and select the type of form you require. These are split into four types:

  • Application
  • Onboarding
  • Candidate Feedback
  • Contact Feedback

For more information on the different types of forms and how they are used, check out the Understanding Discover Forms article.

Once selected, you will be able to edit any existing forms by clicking on the title, or create a New one from the grey toolbar.


In either case, the form will open on the details tab, where you can enter the Title, Description and Hiring Manager settings.


The template is split in to several tabs:

  • Details - In addition to the title and description, this initial page of the form is where you can set the access and editor permissions, as well as how the form is scored and graded.
  • Questions - This is the content of the form, where you can add discover or standard fields, as well as change draw types, add html or make fields mandatory.
  • Responses - This tab is only used when viewing a completed form, rather than a template, but would allow you to access any responses.
  • Statistics - From here, you can further analyse the responses to the form using a pre-made dashboard.
  • Preview - Having added your questions, you can use the Preview tab to see how the form would appear to a recipient.  You can use this to validate the content of your form, looking for things like typo's, ordering errors and show/hide behaviours.
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