Whether you are building your on applicant experience, gathering feedback from contacts & candidates or even expanding on your onboarding process, each page and step of the journey is completed using Discover Forms.

Discover Forms allow you to create information collection pages, using a combination of standard fields, discover fields and basic HTML which then can be used throughout the system, the candidate portal and your hiring manager portal.

Discover Form Types

There are four different types of Discover Form available:

  • Application Forms - Any information that your gather which relates to an application will gathered using an Application Form. As applications link to both vacancies and candidates, you can use these forms to display vacancy details and capture new candidate information. Application Forms are used when creating an Application Form Flow.

Hint - Application Forms can also be shared with Hiring Managers, either to review the responses or complete themselves through the recruitment process.

  • Onboarding Forms - As the name implies, Onboarding Forms are used during the Onboarding process to both display Offer information to Candidates, but to also gather New Joiner information from your new Employees.

  • Candidate Feedback - These forms can be sent at any time to a Candidate to provide and gather information.  They are not linked with Vacancies or Applications.

  • Contact Feedback - Similar to candidate feedback, these forms can be emailed to your contact and hiring manager community but don't link to specific vacancies or applications.

Note you may also see a fifth category - Screening Forms.  These are legacy Discover Forms which are no longer used.

Standard and Discover Fields

Within each of the discover forms, you can use a range of different types of fields to build your process and gather information:

  • Discover Fields - These are used to create your own bespoke fields and exist only within the form. This allows you to capture a range of different information, in different forms, such as free text, drop downs or multiple choice. These fields are not available to display in grids, on dashboards or in reports but do allow you use them as single use fields whilst within the form.

  • Standard Fields - This option allows you to select from any existing fields within the database which has been set up as candidate facing. These options are fully reportable and exportable.  When used, any information provided by the candidate will overwrite the data currently stored within those fields. Due to information being potentially exposed, if standard fields are included candidates will need to log in to the portal to complete the form and access any data.

For more information on how to build forms and add fields, please see the remaining articles in this section.



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