Having created or updated your Form Flow, you may want to test it to ensure it's working as expected.

Before you can test the flow fully, you'll need to ensure you have a suitable live Vacancy and Candidate available.

Note - Testing your flow will create an Application for the selected Job and Candidate, including triggering any relevant emails. For this reason, always ensure that you use a test candidate, with an internal email address.

From the Flow Details tab, click the Test button, located towards the bottom of the page.


You'll now be asked to select which Website, Vacancy and Candidate you'd like to use throughout the test.

When you're ready, click Test.

A new browser tab will open and you'll be able to work your way through the Application or Onboarding flow you're testing.

Hint - you can only test a flow using a vacancy which is already using a different flow. If you are migrating from screening forms to a flow process, you will not be able to use the test function.

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