When editing or creating a flow, the first step is to configure the Flow details - this determines when the flow is used and the display settings.


Within the Details section you can set:

  • The Flow Title - This is used internally only and is not visible to candidates as they go through the process.
  • Description - this allows you to define the flow and its use internally.
  • Active - once configured, you can activate the flow here.
  • Flow Type - Application, Action or Onboarding, which will determine the statuses available during the flow automation.
  • Flow Stage - This is the specific stage the flow will apply too. You can only have one active flow per stage and the flow cannot work across multiple stages.
  • Editors - You can lock down who can edit the flow, to help ensure that no one inadvertently makes changes to the process once its live.

You can also test your flow from here.  More information on testing your flow can be found in this article.

Website Display Settings

As a flow is triggered and made available to a candidate, it will display within their profile under the Things To Do header.


You can control how the information is displayed here:

  • Display Progress Bar - This will allow the candidate to track their progress through the flow, using the percentage progress bar.
  • Display Navigation - Ticking this option will show the menu down the left hand side of the process and allow candidate to navigate between pages. 

If creating an onboarding flow, you will also be able to add text to the Things to Do Widget, choosing to use either a resource or enter your own text.


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