System Checks play an important role in ensuring that candidates who chose to unsubscribe from certain emails or chose not to receive SMS are not accidentally sent a newsletter or receive any reminder texts.

If you click into the System Checks tab within the consent module, you will see that there are two checks as standard:

  • Default Check for email tool - This allows you to pick one of your preferences, and for any candidates who have opted out of the preference, you will not be able to email whilst using the mail merge tool.

  • Check for sending SMS - Similarly, this option will prevent any candidates from receiving any SMS messages triggered, if they have opted out of the chosen preference.


Hint - If you have preferences around opting out of certain types of emails but not others - i.e newsletters or marketing, but still want to receive workflow emails - then you can restrict the use of certain templates going to candidates based on the relevant preference. To set those as system checks, click into the template and use the Check Recipient Has This Preference When Sending option.


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