Whilst the Consent Module is predominantly used to control the data that you store, you can also create Preferences to determine how that data is used. These tend to include different options for candidates who provide consent but would like to opt out of receiving marketing emails, job alerts or SMS reminders.

Viewing Preferences

You can manage any existing preferences within the Consent Module, by selecting Admin > Consent ->Candidates from the blue Eploymenu. Once within the consent module, switch to the Preferences tab and from here you can edit by clicking into the preference name or if you want to add a preference, click New on the grey toolbar, or Add Preference beneath the list of existing preferences.


Hint - As standard, candidates will expect to be able to opt out of emails and opt out of receiving SMS (if applicable). However, you can add as many additional preferences as you require.

Editing Preferences

Whether editing or creating a new preference, you can configure the following options with preferences:

  • Preference Name - This is the core system name of the preference and will be visible when reviewing candidates.
  • Description - This is used for the candidate friendly version of the preference name, so needs to be descriptive enough for the candidate to opt into.
  • Help Text - Additional text which can be used to support the preference.
  • Active - Once ticked, this preference will become available within the consent module and can be opted in/out too.
  • Websites - If you have multiple candidate portals, you can allocate the preference to specific websites.


  • Show on Registration Page - If ticked, this box will appear on the candidate portal registration page. 

Hint - If you are working to an opt in process, you need to use Show on Registration Page to give candidates the ability to opt in. If it is not included on registration, all candidates coming into the system will not have had the chance to opt in.

  • Only include people who have specifically opted in - ticking this box makes this an Opt In preference.  

Hint - If using an Opt in process, you need to ensure that all candidates have the option to opt in when they are added to the system. If they can register via the portal, you can use Show on Registration Page to display this option. However, if you get candidates from other sources, such as job boards or CVs directly, the candidate will not have the ability to opt in until they log into the portal and activate their profile.

  • Order - this allows you to specify where in your list of preferences this one appears.  If this is left blank on all preferences, they will be displayed in Alphabetical order.

Once you are happy with your settings, click Save to confirm the Preference.

Hint - Preferences can be linked to specific system checks, such as preventing emails or SMS to be sent. For this reason, ensure you have a preference available for candidates to opt in or out of receiving emails & SMS, then link them to the correct check. To learn more about managing system checks, please see this article.

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