In May of 2018, the EU's General Data Protection Regulations became Law and, in the UK, were incorporated in to the revised Data Protection Act (2018).

The Eploy Consent Module gives you the facility to ensure that your database complies with the requirements of these new regulations.

Using the Consent Module you can:

  • Specify, in months, how long you'll retain the personal data of Candidates and Contacts.
  • Describe, in a format visible to Candidates, which information you'll be gathering about them, what you'll be using it for and how long you'll be keeping it for, as well as link to any privacy policies.
  • Automatically send prompt & reminder emails to Candidates and Contacts when their consent period is due to end.
  • Capture the contact preferences of Candidates and Contacts, including how and when they can be contacted and the type of content you can issue.
  • Create exclusions, preventing Eploy from marking excluded Candidates and Contacts as requiring deletion/anonymisation when their consent period ends. This allows you to retain data that you have legitimate business interest to store, e.g. placed candidates, for an extended period.
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