The Document Editor is a HTML, browser compatible, document management tool that is fully integrated into Eploy. This means that it is ideal for managing your document templates, allowing you to draw through data from the system using merge fields and create or save documents directly into the database.

The Editor also supports lots of text & formatting functionality, similar to other desktop publishing tools such as Microsoft Word. This means you can upload and download documents originally saved in Word or other systems, to then begin tweaking, adding merge fields and managing content all within Eploy.

In this article we will go through how to access, upload and manage your documents within the Editor, as well as some best practise hints and tips.

To get started, navigate to either your document templates or eSignature templates via Admin > Document Templates and click Edit on your chosen merge document.

The Document Editor

As soon as you click Edit, the Document Editor will open in a new tab. This will show you the existing document and give you access to the menu and toolbar, where you can begin to format, insert and add merge fields as required.


From here, you can begin editing, typing or updating content within the document, as well as use the menu to take advantage of any advanced features. This includes:

  • Home - This includes all of the standard word processing & formatting features, such as different fonts, text size, bolds and styles. If you have a document saved locally that you wish to open in the editor, select Open File and select your file. This will allow you to then manage the document within the editor.

Hint - Looking for a specific font? Only those that are web friendly and licensed are available, so you may not be able to be use the one you are looking for.

  • Insert - Allows you to create tables, add images or manage headers & footers within the document.
  • Page Layout - This tab focuses on page margins, orientation or frames, allowing you to fully customise the document.
  • Merge Fields - From here, you can chose to draw through key fields and information into your document from the database, such as candidate contact info, placement or details and salaries.

Hint - To find the merge field you need, select the area of the system from the table master, before choosing the field from the Insert Merge Field.


  • View - Allows you to preview the document in different ways, including print options, zoom and managing toolbars.
  • Proofing - Here you can find all the useful spelling checking tools, including dictionary settings.  You can also chose to track changes in the document.
  • Permissions - This tab will allow you to restrict formatting and editable changes to the document, helping to protect the integrity. 

Use a combination of these tabs to format your document, add merge fields and manage the content. 

Adding Merge Fields

Merge fields are key to creating effective document & eSignature templates. To add them correctly, you need to:

  • Place the cursor in the document, where the information needs to be inserted. This can be mid-sentence or as part of grids, depending on the information you are merging through.
  • Within the Merge Fields tab, select the appropriate system area from the Master Table list. This will include the different areas of the system in which the document can draw information from, based on the document type. If the document is a Placement type, then you will be able to include any candidate, vacancy, company or offer details, whilst Candidate types will have candidate info only. 
  • Once you have set the master list, click into Insert Merge Field to view the available fields within that module. Select the field from the list and it will insert into your document, based on where you left the cursor. 

Hint - Added the wrong field? Right click the merge field and select Delete Field to remove from your document. 

Remember - Eploy won't add any punctuation, spacing or currency symbols when merging in data.  If you're including address details or salary information, you'll need to separate the address fields with a comma and a space (otherwise it'll look like one long word) or put the appropriate currency symbol before the Salary merge field.

eSignature Merge Fields

If managing an eSignature document, you will need to include special merge fields in order to save and use the template. These can be found within the Master Table, under Signable Fields.  You then you need to include the following fields:


  • E-Signature Field - This is the specific signable field, where the candidate will insert their signature.
  • Signed By - Date Input Field - This allows the candidate to add the date that they sign the document.
  • Signed By - IP Address - This will automatically add the IP address of the signee, to help ensure that your document is fully compliant with UK legislation.
  • Signed By - Document ID - This will add a unique document ID, once the document is signed. This will help to ensure that the document is fully compliant with UK legislation.









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