Whilst within the talent pool, you can use the quick match and query builder tools to find lists of potentially suitable candidates. Its important to note though that these lists or search results are simply filters - they are not saved against the vacancy. For this reason, we have the Long List which allows you to save candidates against a vacancy to be reviewed later.

There two main ways to add Candidates to the Long List:

  • Use the Select All button to select all Candidates, or ticking the ones you want from the list. Then, use the Process button (the orange circle at the bottom right hand corner of the screen) and select Long List.
  • Review each Candidate individually by clicking their name to open the Application Dialogue, then select Long List from the process menu

Once moved, the candidates will disappear from the Not Reviewed tab and show within the Long List tab. This means you can now close the vacancy or even close Eploy and return to it later, safe in the knowledge that your candidates awaiting review will be waiting for you.

You can return to your Long List of Candidates at any time, either by clicking the Long List tab within a Vacancy, or selecting Talent Pool > Long List from the orange bar when working a Vacancy.


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