The Quick Match tool, is a great way of quickly identifying Candidates from your database who match the basic requirements of your Vacancy.

Depending on the number of Candidates returned, you may want to refine or add to your list, by looking at additional criteria which does not appear within the Vacancy.

This is where the Query Builder can be particularly useful, as it enables you to carry out a detailed search of your Candidate Database utilising any of the fields within the Candidate record.

Follow these steps to refine your Quick Match search using the Query Builder.

If you'd like to learn more about Quick Match, please see this article.

Having completed your quick match, you'll be shown a list of all Candidates who match your search criteria.

The Query builder can be loaded by clicking Query Builder in the grey toolbar.

Note if pop-ups are blocked within your browser, you may need to click Query Builder twice to get it to load.


Once within the query builder, the first thing you will want to do is set the search option to be Narrow list (to search within your current filter) or add search results to list (which will protect your existing list and add new candidates to it). You can do this at the bottom of the Query Builder.

Hint - As with the Quick Match tool, when building your query, you can use View count to see how many records match your search, ensuring that you get the desired number of candidates before applying.

The Query Builder interface is broken down in to 6 tabs, which enables you to search in different ways and create different combinations. Each of these are broken down below, so once you have built your query, you can click Apply to review the results. If you need to further refine your search results, simply click Query Builder again.


Within this tab you can use the Candidates' preferred Location, Department and Function along with a Postcode radius search and Salary requirements.


The Availability tab looks at the Candidates' availability, as well as Live statuses, specific statuses, Vendor Candidates and Activity.


Allows you to pick any skills from your existing skills tree and identify candidates with the chosen skillsets.

Free Text

This displays a free text field, which you can use to carry out a Boolean text search of your Candidates, using the standard boolean operators: AND, OR and NOT.

All Fields

Within the All Fields tab you'll be able to find all of the fields currently in use within your Candidate record, categorised by how the data is stored:

  • All Fields - if you're not sure what type of field you want to use, but you know what it's called or what options it contains, you can add this in here.  You can even use dates in this field!
  • Text fields - here you'll find all fields which are formatted to accept Alphanumeric characters i.e. text and numbers.  In here you'll find fields such as National Insurance Number, Forename and Surname
  • Numeric fields - this displays all fields which only accept numbers, such as ID number and Salary
  • Yes/No - this one displays any fields which contain options displayed as Radio Buttons or Tick Boxes, such as Do you want to receive Job Alerts and Do you have a Criminal Record
  • Dates - in here you'll find all of your Date fields e.g. Date of Birth and Action Start Date.  Tip if you're wanting to create a query based on the date Candidates registered, you'll need to use the field called Personal Details - Created On.
  • Options - this is where you'll find all of your drop-down lists, for example How did you hear about us? and Actions - Outcome.
  • Language - although not a field type, you can use this option to identify Candidates who speak languages other than English.

Hint - there are also some advanced tools in the Query builder, including using brackets or inverses to help you create the queries you need. These can be found at the bottom of the tool.

My Queries

This tab gives you the ability to save your Query or load an existing one.


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