Targets on Eploy allow you to track KPIs for each user over time, giving you all the information that you need to monitor your teams performance. To help when setting up your targets, you can create Target Templates which will allow you to group those KPIs together, before applying to each user as required.


In this article we will explore how to create the target templates and how to assign them. To jump to a specific section in this article, please use the links below:

Targets and Target Templates are driven by Metrics so you'll need to ensure that these are set up first.  To learn how to create a Metric, please see this article.

Creating a Target Template

You can access Target Templates under Reports on the blue Eploymenu. From here, you can click into any existing templates or select New to start afresh. 

mceclip0.pngHint - When creating from New, you first need to give the template a name and then click Save. Once saved, the targets section will become available.

Once within the User Targets sections, click Add to begin configuring each individual target:

  • Record Type - This filters the metrics available and allows you to identify the area of the system you are targeting on.

  • Metric - Here you can select the specific metric you wish to target on.

  • Target Value - The total required to hit the target.

  • Target Interval - The period in which the target applies, i.e Weekly, Monthly, Annually.


Repeat this process for each individual target, adding them to the template.

Hint - the more you add to the template, the less you need to individually add to your users.

Assigning a Target Template to a User

Once the Target Template has been created, it's now time to assign it to individual users.

To do this, open Reports and select User Reporting & Targets. Alternatively, you can switch to the Users tab when looking at your target templates.


To assign the target template, click on the name of the User you want to assign the target to, then click Add Target Period:

  • Select a Template or individual target from the Copy Existing/Template drop down list
  • Give the target period a Title and Description
  • Enter a Start Date and End Date for the target period. This allows you to stagger and change targets over time, without losing the ability to report on previous target performance.


When you are finished, click Save

Hint - Once you have applied the template, you can tweak the individual values for this user by clicking into each target, or you can add additional targets. This means that even though you have used the template, you can still personalise it for each user and their role.


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