Eploy Dashboards are a gateway into your data and your database. Made up of widgets and powered by metrics, you can configure charts, graphs and snapstats to show you any information from within your database and help you navigate through the system.

Dashboards are made up of pre-configured metrics and widgets to help you get started, but you can create, build and share as many new dashboards as you need to help you run and report on your recruitment activity.


Dashboards can be set up and shared in three different ways:

Personal Dashboards

These are the dashboards that you as a user have access to. They may include any you have built, or those that have been copied or shared with you.


System Dashboards

System Dashboards are pre-configured and set to be shared automatically with new users. These form the basis of the dashboards they will use and means that when you have a new member of the team, they will automatically have the dashboards they need to get started.

Hiring Manager Dashboards

Hiring Manager Dashboards are the dashboards visible within the Hiring Manager Portal and allow you to customise how your Hiring Manager community access and interact with the recruitment process. This can be effective for helping your Hiring Managers to navigate and keep track of their recruitment activity, but also to report on any activity for their area, region or department.


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