During an authorisation workflow, moving from one status to the next is called a Transition. You can manage which transitions are available from any status to any other stage within the workflow, including the ability to reject the approval or close the vacancy by adding additional non-linear transitions.

Managing Transitions

Within each stage, there is a section specifically for any transitions from this stage, where you can view, edit or add new transitions.


Within each transition, you can specify the following settings:

  • Move to Stage - Once the transition is complete, this will be the resulting stage / status.

  • Button Text - This option allows you to customise the label on the button the approver will click to trigger the transition. You can use this as a prompt, to make it absolutely clear the outcome of the transition. If left blank, the status selected above will be used.

  • Confirmation Message - This box can be used to communicate with the approver once the transition is complete. This can be useful to let them know what happens next in the process.

  • Force Comments - If active, approvers will need to provide feedback as they complete the transition. This can be particularly useful for rejection transitions (moving the vacancy or placement to an Authorisation Rejected status) as the approver will need to provide the reason for rejection.

Click Save to confirm the transition for that stage. Repeat this process for as many transitions as you require for each stage.

Hints & Tips

  • If the link icon appears red for a stage, it means that there are no transitions available. This may be correct if it is an end status, such as No Longer Required, whilst you can correct it by adding a transition. Once a transition has been added, the link will turn grey.


  • Consider transitions from each stage, including whether you need a positive and negative transition. This can allow you to progress the requisition or terminate it. For example, from the current stage, do you need the option to reject the approval? 

  • Forcing Feedback may seem like a good idea, but if its not useful information, it's just another hurdle for the approver. Consider only using forced feedback on terminated or rejected statuses.

  • Don't forget to add Live Requirement as a stage in the workflow. By doing so, you can allow the Hiring Manager to transition from this stage into No longer Required, which would allow them to close their own jobs.

  • Only the stage owner can complete the transition, so keep this in mind when setting them up. The stage owners will be responsible for any transitions from their stage.


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