Authorisation Workflows are the process in which requisitions progress through any required approvals, ensuring that either your vacancy or offer has the sign off from the required approvers.

They allow you to have multiple different processes, including different levels of approval required, based on the specification of the role, the department, the location or the salary - in fact, you can trigger differing approval processes based on any information provided on the requisition, the details of the requester or the department the role is being raised against.

Hint - Whilst Vacancy or Offer Approval happens at different stages of the process, the way they are configured is exactly the same, using notifications, transitions and filters to allocate and approve the information.

Within each Authorisation Workflow you can configure:

  • How many authorisation stages are required
  • Who the approvers are at each stage, based on company structure and position type.
  • What the approver can do at each stage of the workflow, including edit, reject or approve.
  • Track and report on the time taken to approve, identify bottlenecks in the process and rejection reasons. 
  • Intelligent emails that mean your approvers don't even need to log into the portal in order to authorise the requisition / offer.


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