Automatic Transitions are used throughout the workflow to help automate your processes and reduce the number of clicks required to progress an application.

For example, on the back of positive feedback on an interview, where a User (Hiring Manager or Core System) selects an outcome of Proceed to Second Interview, an automatic transition can be triggered that will automatically move the application on to that stage, without the user having to intervene.

Another use case would be to automatically move candidates who complete and pass an online screening form into the Hiring Manager shortlist. The auto transition will pick up anyone at the successful status and move them to another stage / status which may be visible to the HM, all without any manual intervention.

To set up an auto transition, scroll to the stage you are transitioning from and open the Automatic Transitions section and click Add.  Identify the status you wish to transition from, then select the Stage and Status to transition to.


Hint - You can't auto transition from a status which has an email notification set on it, as the notification would not be sent. You would need to remove the notification and add it to the resulting status in order to use the auto transition.

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