Your Recruitment Workflows can be found within the Admin menu, under Recruitment Workflows, so long as your have permission to access them. 

From here, you can review and manage any existing workflows, including those that are currently inactive or create a new one from the grey toolbar.

Click into the name of the recruitment workflow for more details on how its configured and make any changes as required. Once complete, click Save to apply the changes immediately.

Hint -  As making changes apply as soon as saved, please be cautious when making changes, especially in regards to additional email notifications or hiring manager permissions. If you need to make large scale changes, we would recommend duplicating the workflow, making the changes in full and then migrating your vacancies to the new process. This gives you more control over the rollout of the changes. However, if you only need to tweak or update part of the workflow, making the changes to the existing one will mean they are rolled out and corrected straight away. To learn more about using the Eploy Workflow Migration tool, please see this article.

To duplicate an existing Recruitment Workflow, locate and open the workflow, then click Duplicate.

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