Once a placement has been created, you may need to edit some of the details, especially if the start date has changed or a different rate has been approved. To do this, you need to find the placement using one of the following methods:

  • Via the Placements tab within the Candidate, Company or Vacancy record
  • Via View > Placements
  • Via the Application Dialogue

When accessing the placement via the Candidate, Company or Vacancy record, or via the View menu, simply click on the Placement Start Date to open the placement.  Make your changes and click Save.

To edit the Placement from within the Application Dialogue, click the edit icon next to the Placement Details.



Hint - If you have already created offer letters or contracts, any changes wont be reflected in the document so you may need to either edit the merged document or create a new version, based on the amended placement details.

To learn more about creating Offer Letters and Contracts, please see this article.

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