When created in the Hiring Manager portal, Eploy will automatically assign the appropriate Authorisation Workflow for you.  In the core system however, it is designed to give you flexibility over whether approval is required or not. This means that you can create the placement and chose to bypass approval - or you can manually assign the workflow to trigger the process. 

Once you've created and saved the placement, as described in this article, the page will refresh, displaying the full Placement record.

When viewing the placement, click Select next to Placement Authorisation Workflow.


This will then assign the appropriate workflow, based on the details of the placement / vacancy. From here, you can select the appropriate approvers and click Save.


The pop-up will close and you'll now be able to see the assigned Authorisation workflow and the selected authoriser(s).

Note although in the Core System adding a Placement Authorisation workflow is a manual process, Eploy will still automatically decide which workflow to assign.

To send the Placement for authorisation, use the Status drop-down and select the appropriate Authorisation status, clicking Save once done.  

If you ever need to change the authoriser, click Edit Workflow and select a different authoriser.

To skip an authorisation stage, simply change the Status of the Placement.

Hint - if the details of the placement / vacancy don't meet the conditions of an available workflow, you may need to update some extra details. For more information on the conditions set by your authorisation workflows, you can see this within Admin > Authorisation Workflows.

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