A Recruitment Workflow is your entire recruitment process, following an application through screening and review, any interviews or assessment stages, all the way through to offers, onboarding, induction and exporting.

Within a Recruitment Workflow you'll be able to configure:

  • The key stages used within your process (e.g. HM Review and First Interview)
  • Bespoke email notifications, including calendar invites, auto rejects and email delays throughout the journey.
  • Hiring Manager visibility, responsibility & accountability for each stage and status
  • Candidate interaction with of Interviews, including self service slot availability, interview confirmations and rearrangements 

Not every recruitment journey is the same though, and that's why you are able to have as many different recruitment workflows as you need, to allow you full flexibility in the process your applicants follow.

There are several benefits to this, including:

  • Having a dedicated workflow for a certain type of Vacancies, e.g. Graduates, enabling you to fully customise the journey.
  • Controlling what Hiring Managers can and can't do, depending on the role or workflow. By assigning different permissions, you can give more flexibility and control - i.e allowing them to "do everything" for high volume roles, but restricting their abilities for Head Office or Senior roles.
  • Varying stages in the workflow, allowing you to introduce assessment centres or additional interviews for certain vacancies only.
  • If your organisation has several brands, using a different workflow for each brand allows you to use different email templates for each brand, ensuring that all the coms received by the candidate use your dedicated brand guidelines.


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