Once the placement is created and you have all the information required for your offer letter and contracts, you can merge the document based on any templates you have set up.

There are two ways of creating the Offer Letter and Contract, either from the Placement or within the Application Dialogue.

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Creating a document within the Placement

Within the Placement, click into the Files tab, then Create Document.


You'll now see a list of all placement document templates within the system - click on the appropriate template to trigger the merge, populating the document with any details from the placement / vacancy / candidate as required.

When the process is complete, you'll see a popup message at the bottom of the screen and the new file will be listed on the page.


Note when creating an e-Signature Document, such as a contract, you'll need to update the status of the document from Not Sent (Draft) to Ready to Sign before activating the onboarding.  Failing to do this may result in the Candidate not being able to see, nor sign, the document.

Creating a document within the Application Dialogue

From the Application Dialogue, open the Files tab.  Click Create Document and select the correct template from the list.


Hint - The application will need to have reached the appropriate stage of the workflow and a placement will need to be created before you can select the correct templates - if the template you want to use isn't listed, that either means you don't have a Placement, or the Template was not created against Placement records.

Editing a document

To edit a document, locate the file, click the 3 dots button and click edit. This will open the Eploy Document Editor in a new tab. Make your changes, then click Save and Close on the Home menu.

Note clicking on the file name, rather than Edit, will display a preview of the document - this is really useful if you want to do a quick check to make sure that everything has been merged in correctly.


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