Email and SMS is a great way to stay engaged with your candidate talent pools, whether you are keeping them warm for a future role or progressing through an active recruitment journey.

As part of your Recruitment Workflow, Eploy can automatically send emails and text messages to your applicants on a schedule of your choice - this can include interview confirmations to be sent immediately or rejection emails to be sent days later etc. 

To learn more about automating your workflow notifications, see this article.

You also have the ability to send ad-hoc emails and text messages to Candidates, either using Templates or typing your message manually.

For information on creating an Email and SMS template, please see this article.

In this article, we will be discussing sending an email/sms on an ad-hoc basis.

There are several ways to initiate contact with a Candidate:

  • From the global list of Candidates, select the candidates you wish to contact and click Email/SMS within the grey menu bar
  • Within the Candidate record itself and whilst on the Summary or Personal tab, click Email/SMS within the grey menu bar
  • From anywhere within the Candidate Record, click the email icon to send an email or the SMS icon (it looks like a message bubble) to send an SMS.  Both of these icons are next to the Candidate's name, just beneath the list of tabs.


Whichever option you choose, the Email/SMS window will now open and you can compose your email, or use a template, as normal.  For more information on using the email/sms window, please see this article.

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