Over time, candidates may wish to provide you with the latest version of their CV which can include new contact information, employment history and qualifications. Depending on the settings of your Candidate Portal, they may be able to do this themselves - information on this can be found here.   If not, they can provide you with the CV to add into the system manually.

Note - There is a limit on the number of CVs you can store for each candidate - you may need to delete any existing CVs before you can upload a new one. If you need to be able to store more CVs against each candidate, please contact Eploy Success.

Parsing Data

It's important to highlight that when a candidate replaces or uploads a new CV, to ensure that any information you have manually added to their record is not overwritten, Eploy will not automatically parse the new CV into their record.  You can however trigger the extraction process manually.

Within a Candidate record, navigate to the CV tab - here you will see all CVs currently loaded against your Candidate.

To upload a new CV, click New in the grey menu bar, then either drag and drop a file, select one locally or upload one from cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive or DropBox).

As part of this process, there is also an extract data tick box - ensure this is ticked to parse the candidate candidate CV as part of the process of uploading it.

Hint - The extraction tool opens in a pop-up window, so you need to make sure these have been allowed when working within Eploy.

Within the extraction tool, indicate which information you would like to extract, based on the module. You can also decide to completely overwrite the existing information (by deleting existing data) or append the information as part of the import. Once you are happy with the options selected, click Extract Data.


Hint - When viewing CVs in the grid, you can select any record and trigger the extraction tool by clicking Extract Data.

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