Whilst most candidates will register themselves via the careers portal, you can also chose to upload a candidate's CV straight into the database. This allows you to quickly create records, parse CVs and engage with candidates who may not have had the opportunity to visit your careers site.

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Hint - If you need to import multiple candidates at once, you can use the CV Import Mailbox - click here to learn more.

Pop-up Windows - When parsing CVs, the extraction tool opens in a popup window within your browser.  Please ensure you have enabled pop-ups in your browser for your Eploy system.  If you're not sure how to do this, please speak to your local IT team - it's not something Eploy can help you with as very often the ability to enable pop-ups is restricted by your local IT policies.  If the pop-up fails to load, Eploy will still create the Candidate, but will not parse any data from the CV.  You'll have to manually extract the data.  Click here to learn more about manually parsing a CV. 

CVs can come in all different formats, shapes and sizes based on the types of roles you recruit for. It's always worth encouraging candidates to ensure that they provide their CV in one that is compatible with the parsing tool, so that you are able to extract as much information as possible, as well as benefit from some of the other tools included such as quick views, admin / spec CVs and auto skilling. For best results, use CVs that are saved as .doc or docx but PDFs can also be extracted so long as they are not saved as images.

Importing a single Candidate CV

If you have a single CV to import, click on the Create icon in the blue menu, then select Candidate from CV.


Upload the CV either by dragging and dropping, selecting the file locally or from Cloud Storage.

Before clicking Upload File, ensure the the field labelled Please choose where to save the CV is set to CV and that the Extract Data tick-box is ticked.

Once you have clicked Upload File the extraction tool will open in a new window/tab.


Hint - Don't see this window? Then you have a pop-up blocker in your browser!

Here you can see which details will be looked for in the CV and parsed to the candidate record, so you can chose to ignore any if you prefer. If you are extracting a CV against an existing record, you can also chose to overwrite any existing details.

Once you are happy with the information to be extracted, click Extract Data. The window will now close and you'll now be taken to your new Candidate Record.

Hint - if you're working a Vacancy (i.e. you can see the Orange Bar at the top of the screen) whilst doing the Import, Eploy will give you the opportunity to create an Application for the Candidate.

What happens if Eploy identifies a duplicate when importing a single CV?

When extracting the data, as a default Eploy will look for existing Candidates who have the same First Name, Surname and Email Address.  You can also chose to look for the Date of Birth and Town when matching duplicates.

If the system finds any of these it will flag the field it has identified as a possible duplicate and give you the option to View the duplicate records or Merge them straight away.  You'll be able to see this when you're taken to the Candidate's record.


If you click View, Eploy will display the results of a search carried out using the Search Tool.  From here you can view each record individually.

Tip use the Open in a new tab button to open each record in a new browser tab to ensure you can easily get back to the Candidate you have just imported.


Alternatively, clicking Merge will open the Merge Records tool in a pop-up window and display the records Eploy has identified as being a duplicate, based solely on the single field you clicked Merge against, in this example, email address.


To be certain you have captured all duplicates, you can tick additional duplicate checking options at the bottom of the window and click Search to view the results.

Once you're happy with the list of records to merge, select one to be the Master Record - this is the record that will remain, in to which the data from the duplicate records will be added, use the Select tick-boxes to select the records you want to merge, then click Next.

Now you'll be shown which fields will be merged.  If you don't want a specific field to be merged, untick the box.  when you're ready, click Merge.


Once you reach the results page, click Close.  You'll now be taken to the newly merged Candidate record.

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