Most of your candidate traffic will come through the registration and application process on the careers portal. However, there may still be occasions where you need to create a candidate, either from their CV or by manually populating the information.

The quickest way to add a Candidate to your database is via the Create menu on the blue toolbar.


Click Create, followed by Candidate.  This will open the Create Candidate window.

Hint - You can open this in a new browser tab by clicking the Open in a new tab icon 002.png.

This will give you access to the insert candidate form, where you can populate all of their information. Some of the fields will be required, so make sure you complete these before clicking save to create the record.

Hint - Got the candidates CV? You can use the parsing tool to upload the CV and populate a lot of the details for you.  Click here to learn more about creating a Candidate from a CV.

Did you know? When you manually create a candidate in the core system, either by filling the form or using the CV parsing tool, a profile on the website is automatically created. You can either set a password for the candidate or ask them to use the forgotten password function (which is more secure, as they get to set their own password!).



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