In order to begin receiving vendor applications, you need to allocate the role to each vendor so that they have visibility within their portal.

Hint - Have new vendors to add? See this article for more information on creating vendor users.

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Assigning a Vendor to a single Vacancy

There are two two options for allocating vendors to a vacancy:

Vacancy Details

Access the Vacancy and open the Details tab, either by Right clicking > Edit > Details from a grid or by clicking the vacancy title. As part of the relationships section, you can then pick the chosen vendor from the list and click add, repeating the process for as many different vendors as required.


Hint - Whilst you can dictate how many applications are allowed per vendor on each vacancy, you will also have a system default. This means that you only need to populate it on each role if you have different requirements on that job.

Using the Assign Vendors button on the Summary tab

When viewing a vacancy summary, Assign Vendors is an option on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen.


After clicking assign vendors, a popup will open and you can chose whether to assign vendors by company or user.

  • Assign by Company - A list of all Vendor Companies will be displayed.  Select the ones you want to use and click apply.  This will assign all Vendor Users associated with the selected Companies to the Vacancy.
  • Assign by user - A list of all Vendor users will be displayed.  Select the individual Vendor Users you want to assign and click Apply.

Assigning Vendors to multiple Vacancies

To assign Vendors to multiple Vacancies at once, access the Vacancies grid (by navigating to View > Vacancies or from your Dashboard) and use the select tick boxes to select the Vacancies you want to assign Vendors to.

From there, click Assign Vendors and then decide whether to assign by Company or User.



Removing a Vendor

To remove a Vendor, access the Vacancy Details tab and within the Relationships section you can click to remove any vendors who do not need to be assigned to the role.

Contacting Assigned Vendors

Once you have allocated vendors to your roles, you can let them know using the Contact Vendors function. This can be done from the vacancy summary or the grid view if you want to contact the vendors assigned to multiple roles at once.

Having clicked Contact Vendors, the email window will display within a popup.

At the top of the window you'll be able to see how many Vendors you're about to contact and use the filters available:

  • Contact/Not Contacted - this drop down allows you to filter the list of selected Vendors to only contact those which have already been contacted, not contacted, or all Vendors.

  • Submitted Candidates - this option allows you to filter the list of selected vendors according to whether they have or haven't submitted Candidates against the selected Vacancies yet, or simply email all Vendors.

You can now compose your email or chose to load a template.

Hint- Only email templates marked as being for Vendors will be displayed in this list.  If the template you want isn't listed, or there are no templates listed, please speak to your local System Administrator or Super User.


Once you are happy with your content, click Send to send the emails immediately to your selected Vendors.

Note we get asked this a lot.  When contacting multiple Vendors (or anyone else, for that matter), the system sends each recipient their own email - they are not all copied in to the same email.  So there's no way of telling from the email how many other Vendors, or specifically which Vendors, have been allocated to the selected Vacancies.

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