Within a Vacancy, you can allocate the role to the appropriate hiring team using the Contact & Hiring Manager relationships:

  •  The Contact - this is the main Hiring Manager responsible for the role. When raised in the Hiring Manager Portal, Eploy will automatically assign the person who raised the Vacancy as the Contact.

  • Associated Hiring Managers is a "one to many" drop-down list, allowing you to allocate any additional HMs who need visibility of the role. This will also give them access to applications, meaning they can be involved with screening and interviews.

Both of these can be managed within the relationship section of the Vacancy Details.


Adding a Hiring Manager to the Vacancy

Information on changing the Contact of the Vacancy can be found here.

To add a Hiring Manager to the Vacancy, first select where in the hierarchy the Hiring Manager resides, using the Select From menu:


  • This Company Only - this displays only those contacts associated with the selected Company
  • This Company and all Divisions under this Company - this allows you to see all Contacts within the selected company and any child company records within the hierarchy
  • This Company and all Divisions under and directly above this Company - this will display all Contacts within the current branch of the hierarchy, above and below
  • The entire Group (All divisions) - this will display all Contacts in the system

Next, start typing the Hiring Managers name in the Hiring Managers field.  As you type, the drop down next to it will tell you how many results it has found.


Use the drop down to select the Hiring Manager and click Add.

Hint - The person you're searching for must have an active Hiring Manager user profile to be selected as a Hiring Manager.


Removing a Hiring Manager from the Vacancy

Navigate to the Relationships section within the Details tab of the Vacancy in question and locate the Hiring Managers fields.

Identify the Hiring Manager you wish to remove and click on their name in the Selected Hiring Managers section - that will remove them from the Vacancy.

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