When looking at a vacancy summary, you can quickly access any activity, recent applications and placements, using the activity summary & the grey tabs.

Viewing Vacancy Activity

High level Vacancy activity can be viewed in the Activity summary, when viewing a vacancy.

This will include:

  • A summary of the most recent Actions, Call Logs, Correspondence, Notes, Applications and Placements (limited to the last 30 items in total)
  • The last 200 Actions (all types)
  • The last 200 Call Logs
  • The last 200 Correspondence items
  • The last 200 Notes added
  • The last 200 Applications received
  • The last 200 Placements created


You can click into each record to see more, or use the  +/- icons to expand / restrict the information visible.


Viewing all Vacancy Applications

In addition to the Activity panel described above, you can see all Applications received for this Vacancy by accessing the Applications tab.

The main benefit of using the tab, rather than the Activity panel, is that within the tab you have additional options available to you such as:

  • Filter
  • Download Files
  • Reports
  • Groups
  • Multi-Edit

Viewing all Vacancy Placements

All Placements against your selected Vacancy can be viewed from within the Placements tab within the Vacancy itself.

As with Applications, viewing Placements within the dedicated tab gives you additional options not found within the Activity panel, including:

  • Filter
  • Email/SMS
  • Document Merge
  • Download Files
  • Reports
  • Groups
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