There may be occasions when you wish to change the Contact or Company record which a Vacancy is associated with.

For example, if the primary Hiring Manager has changed, you should change the Contact against the Vacancy, as this is the main Hiring Manager.

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Changing a Company

To change the Company the Vacancy is associated with, access the Details tab of the Vacancy in question.

Scroll down to the Relationships section.

Here you will find the Company field - it will display the name of the Company record the Vacancy is currently associated with.


There are two ways to change the company:

  1. Searching for the specific Company
  2. Viewing a list of all Companies

Whichever method you choose, you need to ensure that Popups have been enabled within your browser as the Company picker displays in a popup window.

To search for the Company, set the search criteria to Name or Company ID.  Enter your search in to the For field. To create a wildcard search, use an Asterisk (*) e.g. *hum*res* would find Human Resources.  When you're ready, click Add.  The company picker will now be displayed, showing a list of all matches in a drop down.  Select the company and click Apply.

To view a list of all Companies, leave the search fields blank and simply click Add.  Again, the Company picker will be shown, but this time it will list all Company records.

Having selected the new company and clicked Apply, the popup will close and a warning will be displayed asking if you wish to "...replace vacancy information from this company".

If you select Change, Eploy will automatically replace some of the information saved within the Vacancy with details from the new Company, such as the Location and Address.  If you don't want this to happen, click Cancel.  Clicking Cancel will stop the company from being changed.  If you do continue with the change, you can easily set everything back to its previous state using the various edit options within the tab.

Note changing the Company will likely result in the Contact being removed.  This is due to the Vacancy Security Settings within your system configuration which govern which Hiring Managers can view each Vacancy.  If the current Contact is not associated with the new Company, then they will be removed and will have to be re-added to the Vacancy.

Changing a Contact

The Contact against a Vacancy is the main Hiring Manager.

To change the Contact, open the Details tab within the Vacancy in question and scroll down to the Relationships section - here you will see the currently assigned Contact.


As with Companies above, set the search option to Surname or Contact ID, enter your search term (again using * for a wildcard) and click Add.  This will display a list of all Contacts who match your search in a popup window.

If you'd rather view a list of all Contacts, simply click Add.

When looking up a Contact, you have one additional option - Show Contacts From.


This option allows you limit where in the Company hierarchy you're searching:

  • This Company Only - this displays only those contacts associated with the selected Company
  • This Company and all Divisions under this Company - this allows you to see all Contacts within the selected company and any child company records within the hierarchy
  • This Company and all Divisions under and directly above this Company - this will display all Contacts within the current branch of the hierarchy, above and below
  • The entire Group (All divisions) - this will display all Contacts in the system

Having set the Show Contacts From option, the list of contacts is displayed within the Record field.  Select the Contact and click Apply.  Changing the Contact will not make any other changes to the Vacancy.

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