Once a Vacancy has been created, you can easily update any of the details from the vacancy Summary.

Simply click into the vacancy title to access the summary and from there, each of the tabs across the top will give you access to a different part of the vacancy information.


Hint - Rather than switching between tabs, you can use Edit - All to access the entire vacancy record on one page, allowing you to easily make any of the required changes.



When making changes to the role, it will be immediately reflected on the website if the information is visible to candidates - this means that there is no need to stop advertising to make changes etc.

Tip - When making changes via the grey tabs, simply navigating from one tab to the next will automatically save the changes, meaning you don't need to scroll to the bottom in order to press Save.


The Details tab within the Vacancy contains all of the standard Eploy fields, such as the advertising details and relationships.  These fields are broken down in to several sections, so simply scroll through and make any changes as required:

Vacancy Details

  • The Vacancy Title
  • About the Role
  • About the Candidate
  • About Us (your company information)
  • Brief for Recruitment Team
  • Vacancy Status
  • Authorisation Workflow


  • Which Core System users are assigned to the Vacancy
  • The Company the Vacancy is assigned to
  • Who the main Contact is
  • Any additional Hiring Managers
  • Which Vendors are assigned to the Vacancy



  • Positions Available
  • Location
  • Function
  • Department
  • Vacancy Type
  • Mark as Template tickbox - once the Vacancy is saved this setting cannot be changed.

Display Properties

  • Advertising Salary
  • Logo
  • External Advertising Options
  • Internal Advertising Options
  • Website picker - only appears for customers with multiple websites



This is where you set the salary range of the Vacancy, including the number of hours per week.

Other Information

The contents of this section will vary per customer, but typically includes the start and end date for fixed term roles.


As a default, the Vacancy will use the address of the Company Record it is associated with, meaning you don't need to populate these fields. However, if the role is based at a different location to the company, you can use these fields to ensure that is displays in the correct location.

When changing the address, you can either pick from a list of available addresses in the system, or enter a new address manually.

Additional Details

The information contained within this tab varies from customer to customer, but this is where you'll find any custom questions we have added for you, or anything else which isn't listed above.

In here you'll typically find fields such as:

  • Reason for Hire
  • Business Justification
  • Cost Centre
  • Advertised Working Pattern
  • Template Job Title


Hint - Other tabs may show based on the configuration of your system, including additional custom fields in place only for you. These all function in the same way though, so get familiar with where information is stored and it can be updated in the same way.

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