When raised in the Hiring Manager portal, Eploy will automatically assign the appropriate Authorisation Workflow for your vacancy, whilst the core system gives you more flexibility over whether authorisation is required.

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Assigning the Vacancy Authorisation Workflow and selecting Authorisers

When creating your vacancy in the core system, you can complete any of the fields within vacancy details, as well as any custom questions added specifically for your system - you will need to ensure that you complete anything that is mandatory before saving though.  Click Save once you're finished.

Now the vacancy has been saved, Eploy will be able to match the Authorisation workflow to the Vacancy.

Within the details tab of the Vacancy, you can select the appropriate Authorisation Workflow within the advertising section, following on from the job descriptions and the status.


This will trigger a dialogue window, where the authorisation process will be allocated. From here, you can see the name of the workflow, as well as any description added for context. Simply select the appropriate users from the drop down list and click Save.



The pop-up will now close and the workflow will be allocated -  You will now be able to see the authorisation workflow selected, the stages of the workflow and the selected authoriser for each stage.



The final step is to change the Vacancy Status to First Authorisation Required, then click Save.

Hint - As a core system user, you can bypass stages of the authorisation workflow, by simply changing the vacancy status to the right stage. This will trigger an email to the selected authoriser and make it available to them in the Hiring Manager portal to approve.


Changing Authorisers

If the wrong authoriser is assigned to the role or you need to change the approver to cover annual leave or sickness absence, you can do so by clicking Edit Workflow. This will allow you to update any of the allocated authorisers, so make any changes, click save and then set the appropriate status to trigger any emails.


Assigning a different Authorisation Workflow

Authorisation Workflows are allocated automatically, based on the details of the job - i.e which department it is for, the salary requirements or the reason for hire etc. For this reason, if the wrong workflow is being assigned to the role, check the details of the job and ensure that you have recorded everything correctly.

If you're not sure what you'll need to change, please speak to your local System Administrator or Super User as they will be able to look at the settings of the workflow and advise you accordingly.

Error Messages

When assigning an authorisation workflow, you may see the following error message:


This error is caused when there either no suitable workflow for this role or more than one that this role could be assigned to. This means that you either need to update the details of the job so that it meets the requirements of a specific workflow only or update your workflows for jobs in this scenario.

For more information on Authorisation Workflows, please see here.


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