Within Eploy, there are several ways to locate and view Vacancies.

In this article we will look at the most common methods.

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Using the View Menu

The View menu is located within the blue Eploy Menu bar at the top of the screen.

Selecting Vacancies displays a sub-menu, providing several options:

  • All Vacancies - this displays a list of all Vacancies
  • My Live Vacancies - this option allows you to pick from all of your Live Vacancies, and those which are at Live Requirement
  • All Live Vacancies - this option allows you to pick from all Live Vacancies and those which are at Live Requirement
  • New Vacancy - this option allows you to create a new Vacancy
  • Templates - this option displays all Vacancy Templates


Using the Search Tool

The Search Tool is located in the top right hand corner of the window and will automatically search for Companies, Contacts, Candidates and Vacancies which match your search term.



Within a Company Record

When viewing a Company record, open the Vacancies tab - this will display a list of all Vacancies associated with that Company Record.  Click on the Vacancy Title to access the Vacancy.



Within a Contact Record

When viewing a Contact record, open the Vacancies tab.  This will display all Vacancies associated with this Contact i.e. they are the Contact for the Vacancy.

From the Dashboard

As with all record types, widgets can be added to your Dashboard displaying lists of pre-filtered Vacancies.


As a default, the Recruitment Driver dashboard contains several widgets displaying vacancies which are awaiting authorisation, those which are Live and Vacancy Templates. 

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