Eploy Exports use triggers and web services to run the export, which means to force the export to run, all you need to do is set a record the appropriate trigger status (commonly, Onboarding Checked - Candidate Ready as a placement status) and then wait for the web service to pick up the record.

The web service looks for records at that status which have not yet been exported, as well as running on a schedule - that schedule will differ per export and your requirements, but will likely be anywhere between every 10mins through to once per day / week. 

Re-exporting Records

From time to time, you may wish to re-export a particular record, on the basis that there was an issue with the original - perhaps the candidate hasn't provided the information in the required format, which has subsequently caused a problem with the exported data.

To do this, you will need to have the appropriate permissions and should only be done with caution. The steps required to re-export the record, include removing the existing exported ID and deleting it from the export table:

  • In Admin > Exports, identify the record that you wish to re-export, by clicking into the export batch at the appropriate date and time.
  • From here, delete the individual record which requires to be exported again - do not delete any records which do not need to be re-exported. 
  • Once the record has been removed, navigate to the appropriate placement record and reset the trigger status for the export. 
  • With the trigger status set, the export will be picked up by the next scheduled export run and re-exported.

Note - Depending on your configuration, there may be additional steps required to re-export data, including removing an export ID from the candidate record. However, always check with your system administrators first and contact the Success Team if you are unsure.


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