As Exports happen automatically, based on either a status change or submission of a record, it may not be always clear if the export has ran successfully. However, there are ways you can track this in Eploy, by either looking at the placement record itself or via the Admin menu.

Individual Records

To check if an individual record has been exported - i.e you have a query from payroll about a certain record - you can do this from within the placement record itself. At the top of the placement details, you will see an Exported Systems table, which will detail any exports that this record has been included on.


From here, you can click the information (i) icon to see further details regarding the export, including the export reference number and any existing export IDs (i.e if the candidate is being exported for the second time).

Admin - Exports

To view all records that have been exported, rather than identifying one individually, you can use Admin > Exports on the blue Eploymenu. This will show you the date and time of the exports, the export type and the associated records. You can then click into the Export row, to see further details about all of the records included in that particular export. This can be particularly useful if you are trying to understand which records were exported at a particular date and time.


Hint - You can also create dashboard widgets to help you keep track of your exports, including any that are unsuccessful. This can be a good way of ensuring that everything is working correctly.

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