Dynamic, or in page Filters, are designed to allow you to quickly tweak or change the records that you can view, allowing you to quickly switch between records of a certain type or status. This is ideal for managing applications of different workflow stages, especially when screening or reviewing applications.

Dynamic Filters

In key areas of the system, such as the recruitment pipeline, dynamic filters allow you to quickly include or exclude records, based on certain criteria.


Within the workflow, you can use dynamic filters to filter on:

  • Candidate Type - use the drop down list and select to include Previous Employees, Agency, External or Internal Candidates
  • Contacted State - This helps to identify if any applicants require to be contacted at their current stage, or if there are any emails that have been scheduled.
  • Suitability - If you are using the 5 star suitability ratings, this dynamic filter allows you to quickly identify records with each star rating.
  • Status Type - This allows you to show applications which are active or terminated.
  • Status - This filter allows you to identify candidates at each status of your recruitment workflow.

When using any of the dynamic filters, you can easily click multiple options as required then watch the pipeline automatically update.

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