Throughout Eploy, there are a number of ways you can filter records to help you find what you need - whether it be to identify specific records, using filters to simplify the view or to set up reports, Eploy's Filter Options will allow you to quickly and easily manage data within the system. 

Using the Filters

When filtering records, there are a number of options available, depending where you are in the system and which records you are managing:

  • Dynamic Filters - These options allow you quickly filter records as you look at them, without the need to open additional screens or even refresh the page. You will find these when viewing the Pipeline or when creating metrics, as well as other areas of the system. Wherever you see them, you can quickly select the option you require and the viewable records will update immediately. 


Hint - These filters are particularly useful when you need to quickly adjust the records you can see - try using in the pipeline to quickly identify internal candidates, or those at a particular status. For more information on dynamic filters, please see this guide.

  • Simple Filters - These filters are available for most record types and can be found within the grey tool bar when viewing a global list. Click Filter to open a new window, which will allow you to search within your list on key attributes, before clicking Apply to see your results. 


Hint - The Filter option will turn orange when a filter has been applied, so keep an eye on this if you aren't seeing the records you would expect - you may still have an old filter applied! For more information on Simple Filters, please see this guide.

  • Advanced Filters - For more in-depth searching and filtering, we have the Advanced Filters. This option will allow you to be more creative with your searches, identifying records based on any related fields, essentially filtering on any information stored within the systems. These filters can be found within our metrics engine, as well as authorisation workflows and the pipeline.


Hint - Advanced Filters will allow you to create field groups, search on related fields and even associated activity. For more information on Advanced Filters, please see this guide.


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