Where the consent for a Candidate or Contact has expired or withdrawn, you are required to remove them from your database.

You have two options available to you - Deleting or Anonymising the record.  You can learn more about these two options in this article.

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Note once a record is deleted or anonymised, this cannot be undone.  If you need to recover records which have been deleted or anonymised in error, please contact the Eploy Support team.  The recovery of such records may be a chargeable activity, so please be careful when deleting or anonymising records.

Permissions Required

Before you can Delete or Anonymise a record, you'll need the following permissions:

  • Contacts - Multiple Edit and Delete/Anonymise
  • Candidate Personal - Multiple Edit and Delete/Anonymise
  • Manage Candidate Consent - Send for Delete/Anonymise
  • Manage Contact Consent - Send for Delete/Anonymise

If you do not have, or are unsure as to whether you have these permissions, please speak to your local Super User or System Administrator.

Note the Multiple Edit permission is only needed if you plan on deleting/anonymising Candidates or Contacts from the Global List, explained below.

Within the Global List

Within the Global List of Candidates or Contacts, select the record(s) you wish to delete or anonymise and click Multi-Edit from the grey toolbar. 

To delete or anonymise the selected record(s), click Delete or Anonymise.

A pop-up will display asking you to confirm that you wish to delete/anonymise the selected record(s).  The pop-up will also tell you how many associated records will also be deleted or anonymised e.g. Applications or Actions.

Tick the confirmation box, then click Send for Deletion/Anonymisation.


Note the pop-up will also tell you when the records will be deleted or anonymised automatically.

Within the Record

To delete or anonymise a record from within the record itself, access the record in question and ensure you are on the Summary or Personal tabs for Candidates, or the Details tab for Contacts.

At the bottom of the screen you'll see the Delete and Anonymise buttons.

Click the appropriate option, read the warning and tick to confirm.

Now you'll have two options - Send for Deletion/Anonymisation or Delete/Anonymise Immediately.

If you select the Send For option, the request will be processed on the date noted in the warning pop-up.  If you select the Immediately option, the request will be processed immediately.


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