There are a several ways to add contacts into your database:

  1. Using the Create shortcut in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  2. Navigating to View > Contacts > New Contact
  3. Navigating to the Company which the Contact will be associated to, opening the Contacts tab and clicking New in the grey tool bar

Whichever option you choose, the same screen will open - the only difference is that when creating a contact from within a Company record, the contact will automatically be associated with that Company.

You should now complete the form you're presented with, filling in as much information as possible, but the following as a minimum:

  • Company - if not already selected, select a Company record to associate the Contact with
  • Title/Forename/Surname
  • Position - Used for their specific job title & can be included in email merges.
  • Position Type - this field is really important as it dictates whether the Contact can be selected as part of an Authorisation workflow.  To learn more about Authorisation Workflows, click here.
  • Contact Status - Always set this to Active when creating a Contact.
  • Address Details - If you don't fill this in, the contact will use the address details for the Company as a default
  • Email Address - used to communicate with the contact / HM within the system, including notification emails & daily digests.

Once you have finished, click Save.

You'll now be looking at the full Contact details screen.  From here you can create a Vendor or Hiring Manager user by accessing the Users tab. 

Please see this guide for information on creating Hiring Manager users.

Please see this guide for information on creating Vendor users.

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