Contact records are one of the four core record types within Eploy, along with Candidates, Vacancies and Companies.

In this article we will explore how to view, filter and search for Contact records.

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View - Contacts

The quickest way to access all company records is via the View menu item. From View, click Contacts - All Contacts to take you through to the global list of contacts, where you can manage your layout, filter for specific records or click into the Contact Summary:


  • Access the full contact record by clicking the contact name
  • Manage the column headers in the grid by clicking into Layout
  • Switch between Detailed View / Simple View to see more details & find the layout that works for you


Using the Filter

The global list will show all contacts, so the filter can help to manage those records. This is available under Filter on the grey tool bar and will allow you to search for contacts based information such as Name, Position Type and Email Address.


Hint - Not seeing the list you'd expect? If the Filter button shows in orange, this tells you that a filter has already been applied so may not be looking at the full list of records. When filtering, you can chose to remove the old filter, overwrite the options or apply the filter on top of the already filtered list.

To remove the filter, hover your mouse over the filter button and click Remove Filter.  The page will refresh and display all Contact records.


Searching for a Contact record

The Eploy quick search is always available in the top right hand corner of the screen and allows you to search for names, ID numbers, phone numbers or email addresses across the system. This can be particularly useful when searching for specific contacts, as you can type in the contact name or ID number to access it straight away.

Hint - When searching on names, the search box includes a wildcard filter. This means that you can search for partial contact names, so you don't need to type in the full name.


After typing into the search box (1), the results will be displayed in a popup window (2).  Each core record type has its own tab (3), showing a list of matched results. Clicking the contact name will open the record in the current browser tab, whereas clicking the arrow icon (4) will open the contact record in a new browser tab - this can be particularly effective if you need to look at lots of different records. The Apply button (5) can then be used to filter the global list, showing only the results of your search.

From Within a Company Record

One of the tabs visible within any Company record is called Contacts.  Selecting this tab will display all of the contact records associated with the Company record you are viewing.


To view the Contact, click on the contact's name.

Relational Record Navigation

Eploy is a Relational Database, meaning several records of different types are linked (related) together to share information and create a hierarchical structure.

You can navigate from one record type to another by selecting the appropriate tab within any other record.

As you navigate around the system, from one record type to another, a "breadcrumb trail" is displayed towards the top of the screen, detailing the navigational steps you have taken.  You can use this tool to navigate backwards, in this case from a Vacancy to the Contact, and then on to the Company record.


Alternatively, you can navigate back to the associated record by clicking UP on the grey toolbar.  Each click will take you back one level in the record structure.

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