When creating a new email or SMS template, the first decision to make is which category to put it under.

These categories are all listed within Admin > Contact Templates.


Email & SMS Merge

These are your general, every day use, email and SMS templates.

If you need to add an email template to a Recruitment Workflow notification, you can create them here. You would also use this section if you were creating ad-hoc templates to send at any time to contacts or candidates.

Candidate Notifications

These templates are used exclusively for Candidates and are only used when there is an event within the Candidate Portal. These include the registration notification or the application acknowledgement emails.

e-Signature Notifications

If you need to send a signable document to a candidate or contact outside of the onboarding module, this is done using an E-Signature notification. These includes special links which provides the recipient access to the document - for this reason these notifications do not include cc or bcc options.


As a role or offer goes for approval, the authoriser will receive a templated email, which has been configured here. You can also set up notification emails to go to the HM or the core system users associated with the role throughout the authorisation workflow.

Two Factor Authentication

These email and SMS templates are only used when two factor authentication has been switched on within your system.

If you want to change the content of the email or SMS that is sent when someone tries to access the system using two factor authentication, you can do so within this section.

Consent Emails

As consent begins to expire, Candidates and Contacts will be contacted using an email template configured within this section. This can also allow you to create reminder emails and user notifications.

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