Once a Candidate or Contact's renewal period has closed, their status will be changed to Consent Expired, meaning they are no longer able to log in to the system and, in the case of Candidates, apply for Vacancies (unless they choose to re-register).

So long as you haven't already deleted or anonymised their records, it is possible to renew their consent manually and reactivate their logins.

Locate and view the record in question.

Beneath the tabs, you'll be able to see the status is set to Consent Expired and you'll also be able to see when the consent expired.


To renew their consent and reactivate their login, click the Expired link, then click the blue edit icon.


You'll now have 3 options:

  • Renew - this will renew their consent for the duration of your data retention policy
  • Remove my Data - this will be the currently selected option
  • Reactivate - this will reactivate their login, allowing them to log in to the Candidate Portal and renew their consent formally

Select the appropriate option.  

Hint - If you select Reactivate, you may wish to send them an email inviting them to renew their consent via the Candidate Portal.

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