Throughout Eploy, there are several ways to send an email or SMS to your contacts. 

In this article we will explore each of these options.

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In each case, once you have opened the Email/SMS window, you can select a template or free type your message.  When you are finished, click Send.

Within the Contact Record or a Vacancy

From within the Contact or Vacancy record, select Email/SMS from the grey menu and select Contact - this will open the Email/SMS window.

You can also use the email / SMS icons available on the grey toolbar. 


Within the Pipeline or Tab View

When within the Pipeline or Tab views, the Email/SMS button will be displayed within the grey toolbar.

If you are viewing several Vacancies at once, you'll first need to select an Application before you can use this button to email a Contact - selecting an Application tells Eploy which vacancy contact you are trying to reach out too.

Alternatively, if you are working a Vacancy, you can use the Email button within the orange toolbar to email/SMS the contact.


From the Global List of Contacts

When viewing the Global list of Contacts, the Email/SMS button is displayed within the grey toolbar.

Before you can use this, you must first select the contact(s) you wish to email.

If you wish to send an email to all contacts, use the Select All button at the bottom of the screen to select all contacts before clicking Email/SMS > Contact.

Within an Application

When using the Application Dialogue, the contact of the Vacancy can be sent an email using the Email/SMS button.

Alternatively, click the email icon next to the contact's name.


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