As with other records within Eploy, the information contained within the Contact record is spread over several Tabs.

In this article we will discuss the tabs typically available and the information stored within each.

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The Summary tab is an overview of the Contact record and is typically divided in to several sections:

  • Overview - this section is customisable, meaning you can pick and choose the information you'd like displayed
  • Details - this displays a quick overview of the contacts personal details
  • Vacancies - this displays a list of all Active Vacancies which the Contact is associated with

The Activity section at the bottom displays the most recent activity associated with the Contact, so you can quickly see the most recent emails and calls shared with this record.


As with Companies, Contact records can be linked together to form a hierarchy using the Parent Contact field.

The Structure tab displays both the Company and Contact (if set up) hierarchy for the selected Contact.


This is where all of the contact's personal details are stored and are available to edit as required.


As with Candidates and Vacancies, Skills can be assigned to a Contact, allowing you to identify Candidates from within your Talent Pool who match the skillset of the Contact, rather than the Vacancy.

Call Log

Call Logs are part of the CRM functionality within Eploy and allow you to record the details of any telephone conversations you have had with the Contact. 


When you send an email via Eploy, it is stored as a Correspondence record. Any emails sync'd or imported on to Eploy, will also be available within this tab.


This tab stores all Actions that the Contact is associated with, including details of interviews & appointments.


Here you can find any role that this contact is the main contact for - i.e directly responsible for. If they are an additional hiring manager for a role, it will not be displayed here.


Allows you to store any files or documents directly against this record.


This tab displays any notes saved against the Contact record.

Note it will not display any notes created against Applications or Vacancies which the Contact is associated with.


This tab displays all Users that the Contact is associated with, such as Hiring Manager and Vendor Users. From here you can access and manage each of the Contact's Users, and create new ones.


This tab will detail any Groups that the Contact is part of.

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