When contacting Candidates, you always have the option of selecting from a list of available templates.

Occasionally, however, you'll go to select a template only to find its not in the list.

In this article we will explore the reasons why this might be the case and how to make the right templates available.

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For more information on email templates, including how to create or edit templates, please see this section of the knowledge base.

Email template categories

Before we start talking about why your templates aren't showing, it's useful to first discuss the types of email templates which are used within eploy.

Within Eploy, email and sms templates are broken down in to the following categories, and each is used in specific circumstances.

For a full list of email template categories and when each is used, please see this article.

Why does a template load whenever I try emailing a candidate?

Templates can be associated to different stages of the recruitment process so that they load as default when you attempt to email the candidate. This is to help consistency and reduce the admin involved when trying to send emails.

If you are trying to contact the Candidate from within the Pipeline or Tab view, or from within the Application itself, Eploy will automatically load the email template set against the notification settings for the current workflow status.

For example, if the Candidate is scheduled to receive an Interview Confirmation email, when you try to send them an ad-hoc email the Interview Confirmation email template will load.

This will also happen if you are trying to email from within the Candidate record itself, but are still working the Vacancy they have applied to.  

If you are working a Vacancy which the Candidate has not applied to, when you send the email no template will load.

Even if a template has loaded, you can always overwrite what has loaded and write your own email.

Note if you're unsure as to whether you're working a vacancy or not, have a look at the top of the screen.  If you see an orange toolbar with a vacancy title on the left hand side with Pipeline, Tabs and Talent Pool options on the right hand side, that means you're working the named Vacancy.  To stop working the Vacancy, click the X on the far right hand side of the orange toolbar.

Picking from a list of available workflow email templates

When emailing a Candidate who has an active Application, a template will typically load automatically.However, you can choose to send a different template, using the select template function - this allows you to select from a list of available templates.


This drop down list will only display the templates which have been configured to display at this stage, from within the recruitment workflow. For example, there may be a template that is used primary, so will be set as the default. However, you can then associate further templates to help make it easier when needing to switch.

If you open the Select Template list and only one template is listed, this means that only one template has been set within the Recruitment Workflow for the current application status.

Showing all available templates

If you then need to see additional templates, i.e ones that have not been assigned to that particular stage, you can do so within the 3 dot menu, before toggling on the Show All Templates function.  


Note this option is only displayed when sending emails against an Application.

Why is the template not listed?

Having loaded all email templates, as described above, there are several reasons which might explain why the template you want to use isn't listed.

Incorrect Template Category

At the top of the article we briefly discussed email template categories.  

When sending an ad-hoc email, the only email templates available to you will be those created within the Email and SMS Merge category - you won't be able to select templates created against any other category.

Incompatible merge fields

One of the benefits of using email templates is that you can include merge fields, which will automatically pull the corresponding information from the record and populate it in to the email when you click Send.

In order for the merge fields to work properly, the record type you're sending the email to needs to be able to access the selected merge fields.  For example, an Interview Confirmation template would typically include the merge fields for Vacancy Title, Action Type, Action Start Date, etc.

If I try to select the Interview Confirmation template against a candidate while not working a Vacancy, the template won't be listed.  

To display the template, I need to be within an Application, or Working a Vacancy.  

If it's not possible to work the vacancy or access an application, Eploy does give you the option to select a Vacancy from within the email itself - simply select a Vacancy from the list and any locked email templates will become available to you.


Wrong Record Type

When creating an email template, the first question Eploy will ask you is Create template for merging to.  What this means is, which record type should this template be associated with?

The option you select will be permanently linked with that template, meaning you'll only be able to use that template against the appropriate record.

For example, if you select Company/Contact from the list, the template you create can only be sent to email addresses against Company or Contact records.

Allow users to select this template for emails is not ticked

This is an option within the email template itself and controls whether the template

When unticked, it prevents the template from being listed in the Select Template drop down menu within the email, even if the Show All Templates slider is set to green, meaning you cannot use it to send an ad-hoc email.

To fix this, access the email template itself (Admin > Contact Templates) and tick the box.  Remember, this change will make the template available to all users when sending emails.

I want to send an SMS, but there is no template

There are two reasons why an SMS template would not be displayed:

  • The Template you've selected does not include an SMS template.  Although the option to fill in the SMS part of the template is always available, it's optional.
  • The default method of delivery for the selected template is set to Email Only.  Again, this is an option within the email template.  If set to email only, when you load the template, the SMS part of the template isn't displayed, even if it has been completed within the template itself.  To load the SMS template, use the Via drop down list in the top right hand corner of the email to set the delivery method to Email and SMS, or SMS only - if there is an SMS template available, it will now be displayed within the email.  If there is no email template listed, you can always manually type out the SMS.
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