Once you have created a hiring manager user, you need to set the permissions to control which types of records they have access to, as well as give them the ability edit or authorise as appropriate.


Permissions are used alongside Hiring Manager Settings within the recruitment workflow to control the detail of what they can and can't do. They will need the appropriate permissions as well as the right workflow settings to be able to function correctly. If your hiring managers have one without the other, they will not be able to manage applications in full.

Client Permissions

To set up the permissions, click into the user profile ID from within the Users menu. This can be found within Admin, or by navigating to the contact record and clicking into the Users tab. 


Once within the User profile, switch to the Client Permissions tab, where you can begin to configure the access that the Hiring Manager will have. This includes View and Edit options across Vacancies, Applications and Placements; but also includes the ability to contact candidates and move them between application stages.


Hint - You can use select all to give the HM all permissions, before removing any that are not required. The Delete permission does not allow the Hiring Manager to delete any records, so it is safe to give them all permissions before restricting what they can do and see using the hiring manager settings in the recruitment workflow.  Please see this article for more information on Recruitment Workflow Hiring Manager settings.

Once you have ticked the required permissions, click Save to confirm.


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