Within Eploy, Contact records are one of the four core record types, along with Companies, Candidates and Vacancies.

A contact record within Eploy is similar to a Contact within your mobile phone - they are used to store the personal and contact information of a person or place which will be frequently used.  Typically, contact records contain the details of Hiring Managers and individual Recruitment Agency (Vendor) personnel.

Contact records are associated with one main Company record, but can also be associated with any other Company record within your system.

From within a Contact record you can quickly view information such as:

  • The companies they are associated with
  • Any Vacancies they are assigned to
  • The details of any Users associated with the record
  • A full audit trail of correspondence between Eploy and the Contact

Hint - when creating a Hiring Manager or Vendor user, it relates to the contact record, which is used to draw information and drive the vacancy visibility settings on the portal. For more information on creating Hiring Manager users, please see this guide.

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